A disqutsition into dying death the afterlife and immortality.
How living upon a diet of human flesh can make you immortal.
This is the reason behind the sacrifices of the kings of the Maya and the
Aztecs and other such tribes.
Their belief was strong and so they hunted other tribes for a source
of meat. Of pneuma chi vril lifeforce.
Thusly their madness was confirmed and promulgated throughout
their world. Never stinting in their efforts to suck the marrow from the bone.
And in Papua new guinea Kuru. The brain disease like Creutzfeld Yakob disease.
Altzheimers, Parkinsons disease , Mad cow disease all from the
damnosa hereditas of eating brains or contaminated flesh of
beasts fed with other beasts.
Things they would never consume in nature.
Sheep fod to cows. Herbivores made carnivores.
An unnatural and man made situation.

So, immortality. But an immortality that comes with madness.

Jet set rock star

Murgatroyd Howitzer had a few bands over the years.
Murgatroyd Howitzer and the seven deadly sins.
Sredni Vashtar.
Manifest Destiny.
Batterie Maconnique . With a sidilla on the C.
Alice Cooper based his stage persona upon Howitzers
Lovecraftian shtick.
It was ironic that in spite of having his paxkt with the devil
Howitzer was nowhere as successfull as Cooper.
His dissapperance is still a total mystery.
In his last interview, lost untill last year he spoke of the tunnels of Set
Nightside of Eden. Of becomming a VOLTIGEUR.
Taking a leap into the unknown of the void of Daath
somewhat like Carlos Castenada and Don Juans
vanishing act.

What the colours are.

Cherenkov radiation is Azute noise. A perfect Blue.
Green is human vocal noise.
Black of Silent noist is the natural ambiance. The backdrop or substrate.
Pink, one over F or Flicker noise is half way between white noise and brownian motion,
Thie is the spectra of Musick.
Water has a Violet spectrum.
Grey is psychoacousticaly percieved as equal at all spectra.
Orange is quantized and boosted to create large structural artifacts.
White brownian and pink are all Power Law noises
like Zipfs word and letter frequencies.Shows up in encryption.
A regularity one has to hide in encryption makin it look Random and white.

The hollow voice of the booming Symantrum.

The Symantrun is a large wooden gong used is Zen, Taoism, Shinto and Animist beliefs
both in Tibet, Japan, Mongolia and China.It Booms like thunder.
The Shamans set off fireworks with it to imitate the lightning and thunder of great
Electric storms. So propitiating the Storm Gods.
The dragon sews his pearls is a giant rocket. The Catherine wheel and Roman candles
Memorialize martyred saints and christian heretics in the Roman colloseum.
Wild beasta captives and gladiators were a bloody sport for all to watch.
Even childrea watched. Creating bloodthirst and a vicious disposition.
Jesus died of old age in  the oldest hospital in the world on Tiber island
on the Tiber in the middle of Rome. Not on a cross.

On the turn of the tide.

On the turn of the tide the ocean speaks to you from out of the shell
you hold to your ear while you stand in the surf of the beach of blood red
and vermillion sand.
The oracle washes the dreams of mankind.
The beachcomber searches through the flotsam and jetsom.
You call the oracle with your pan pipes of obsidian fulgurites
from the sands of fabled Irem city of pillars in the Rub Al Khaki, the empty
quarter where a great star wrought of metal fell to the earth and consumed
all with a great burning fire.
Only the Gnostics escaped for they had called and listened to the oracle
they also saw many augurits and portents and foreshaddowings.
Hermetic occult and frenzied voices channeled from the other worlds
outside of space and time,
All else perished just as only Henry Darger escaped the twister Sweetie pie.
Te wasa there as a bot after the tornado that Henry was first tempted by the devil.
He refused him but now knew what he had to do.
Here the king in yellow made a slip telling Henry he would be a great writter and artist,
He also worked with Trelawny Backhous of Peking who spokeEnochian.
chinese russian japanese and and joe Gould aka Professor Seagull
Who spoke the perfect language of the birds and the angels.

The night blooming pitch flower.

 Black as velvet as black as pitch it is a large orchid with a pitcher like a piture plant
that draws in insects and small animals, it has atongue like a chameleon fast and sticky.
It's ariel roots are mobile and can paralyze and suck blood making the transparent roots
blood red like the vermilion sands of far beach in the realms of the unreal,
Aworld of magick. Lovecraftian like that of Carlos Casteneda. Shamanic yupik, Hamatsa
The followers of Baxbaxwalinuxiwe abd his 4 man eating birds.
The hyperboreal of Ultima Thule. Chaos magick and Spare and Grants magick of Sigils
Alchemical Emblems. The Blazon or Blazons of Heraldic devices.

A wreath of black flowers growing upon a grave.
A fresh burial the roots have gone down into the coffin after the smell of blood,
The roots and their pictures are now blood red. Engorged and swollen.
Lovecraftian blooms that court death and it's consequwnces.
The places where they bloom and grew are shunned by men. Feared,
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    The object is a hungrey wolf.


The triple omega fraternity miskatonic uni.
The pigs willies gentlemans club..  Hells angels
Shape shifters second skinners 2nd natures were wolves
The drinkers of grief . The sirens. The furies. The weather mongers.
The drag queens. Gloria ven der Schwannson. Virginia Mountweasle. Artemis.
The cops.  Sheriff Asa Jarrbeau. Deputies and sons Noah, Zeke and Ethan Jarrbeau.
Crystal his wife after Wanda had to leave for the realms of the unreal.
Wanda and her familliars. Sredni Vashtar. Vinegar Tom. Dickon Malbis,
Drinkers in the Lame tupp tapp.
The high school kids Hector, Jasper, Raoul, Felix,
Arraminta or Arri. The Vivian girls. Hecate.
The uni Institute for the fesearch of the praeternatural.


This is from the French. old norman french for Comming to a head,
Its the armorial bearings on a sable lozenge.At the wake,.
Mise en abyme into the abyss. In the centre of the shield, The still centre
of a tornado of hurricane.
BLAZON is the language. the words of power that bring the coded magick
of heraldic devices to life. This is the basis of most magick with
transmogrifications of alchemical emblems.